Living Solutions with Residential Cargo and Platform Lifts

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Code Compliant Residential Lifts for Multi-Level Coastal Homes - The Latest Innovation in Coastal Living!


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The VistaVator is very "User Friendly".  Press a Call Button to bring the Lift to you - Enter the Lift - Push a button for the desired level and ride at an easy 30 ft. per minute.


This code compliant lift is far less costly to install than conventional elevators.  VistaVator is attached to a home's exterior eliminating the need for an expensive elevator shaft.  Easily avoid the typical claustrophobic feeling many experience in a conventional elevator with a VistaVator.  Select options that compliment a home's architecture and color scheme.


Safety Interlocks at each level prevent the Lift from operating unless all doors are securely latched.  All doors remain locked when the Lift is moving. 


The Double Drive System ensure safe and reliable operation in addition to a smooth and quiet ride.  The Lift can be securely locked when not in use.


  • Raise/Lower up to 500 lbs.
  • Professional Installation
  • Models for 2 and 3 Level Homes
  • All Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Withstands the Coastal Climate 
  • Smart Stop™ Technology
  • Low Maintenance
  • Best Warranty in the Industry